• How Bluetooth Works and How Add It to Your Car Stereo

    After great success in the world of computers and cell phones, Bluetooth wireless technology has found a solid home in the world of car stereos as well; Bluetooth car stereo functionality is an increasingly popular option.

    Bluetooth devices can are linkable with each other, allowing wireless transfer of information like pictures or video. This pairing is made secure with the use of a pin number, which must be entered by the user before any communication can begin.

    There are two ways to bring Bluetooth tech into your daily automotive routine. The first is to simply purchase a car with the technology built in from the factory. The second, more budget-friendly option involves the use of a Bluetooth kit. There are a few basic things anyone interested in adding Bluetooth to their car should know.

    Generally, any device with the ability to use Bluetooth (such as cell phones) will feature a menu with available settings. Any further questions can generally be answered with a quick look in the user manual packaged with the device. Before buying any type of Bluetooth accessory, it is a good idea to make sure the device you plan to use is Bluetooth compatible.

    Many aftermarket car stereos now feature Bluetooth capability. Drivers with older units may find upgraded radio is needed before they can take advantage of wireless devices.

    Some kits work with the vehicle’s Bluetooth capable radio to broadcast the caller’s voice through the stereo speakers. Others project the caller’s voice through a separate Bluetooth receiver. Generally, either setup will mute any audio being played on the car stereo in the event of an incoming call.

    Once a user provisions their Bluetooth device to store the information saved on their mobile device, they have the ability to send and receive all of their calls through their wireless kit. This means they will be able to communicate as normal without even touching their phone.

    More elaborate hands free devices feature built in MP3 capability and storage for multiple phonebooks or voice (hands free) dialing. Caller ID features are handled via a screen on the Bluetooth device, or by a built in verbal caller announcement system.

    Blue Tomorrow provides a great overview of Bluetooth history, its current uses and many other bits of wireless related information.

    While it may have initially seemed like a novelty, Bluetooth has proven its usefulness in many everyday environments. The ability to remain less distracted behind the wheel is an important opportunity for any driver…regardless of age. It may seem a little intimidating to some, but with a minor investment and a little patience, any cell phone user can make their driving habits safer.