• How to Add Bluetooth for the Car

    Now that many countries and states are making it an offense to use hand-held devices while driving, installing a Bluetooth for the car is a sensible and safety-conscious option. Many new car models include Bluetooth technology with the stereo system. But if you’re not in the market for a new vehicle, you’ll be looking for a cheaper alternative to adding Bluetooth to your car. Here are some much less expensive steps for adding Bluetooth to your existing vehicle, so you can safely drive hands-free.

    Note: For all the following steps you first need a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone.

    Step 1: Detecting Headset Device

    Consider using the simplest and cheapest way to activate Bluetooth use with your cell phone. For this, all you need is a Bluetooth-enabled headset that provides speakers and a microphone.  You can buy such a headset from many electronics retailers, and they also may be available in the same store where you bought your phone.

    To connect the cell phone to the headset, you need to establish contact between the two devices.

    Power on and open the microphone on your headset, and leave it turned on. Turn to the “Menu” on your cell phone, press “Settings,” then “Bluetooth,” and finally, “Devices.” Your cell phone should detect the headset device. Now enter the passcode “0000,” and your cell phone should read “Connection made.”

    Step 2: Charge Device

    If a headset seems too cumbersome, you can add Bluetooth for the car by purchasing a portable Bluetooth-enabled display speaker. These are readily available from after-market suppliers. The connection procedure is again very simple. Charge the device with the wire connection supplied. Then you can make a connection from the cell phone in the same way as with a headset (see Step 1).

    The typical speaker device will have a simple mounting. For example, a clip that enables it to be placed over the sun visor in front of the driver’s head. The screen display may also tilt so you can view it easily. Now when you receive an incoming call, simply press the receive button on the device. You will be able to hear your caller and they will hear you over your mobile cell phone.

    Step 3: Installing Device

    Another to add Bluetooth for the car is to install a device that connects the stereo system with your Bluetooth cell phone. These devices can also be purchased from the after-care market. The objective is to route telephone calls through your car’s stereo speaker system.

    It is often recommended you use a professional technician to install such devices. In some cases, the product warranty will be void if you install it yourself. Nevertheless, devices that wire into the back of your stereo display screen involve a very simple process. Alternatively, many of these devices use your car’s cigarette lighter for installation. All you need do is plug it in.

    Once you’ve enabled the device to operate with your Bluetooth cell phone (see procedure in Step 1), the result is full stereo voice communications when you receive a call. Many of these devices are also voice-enabled, which allows you to make calls without needing to even push a button on your cell phone.