• How Reliable Are Pioneer Car Speakers?

    Pioneer car speakers, from Pioneer Electronics, USA, are some of the best sounding and most reliable speakers in just about any price range on the market today. This is for three reasons:

    • Woofer cone construction
    • Tweeter cone construction
    • Overall and cage construction

    Woofer Cone Construction

    Pioneer has a new and revolutionary IMX cone that is patent-pending. This cone is extremely lightweight, allowing free movement for truer sound reproduction, but also amazingly strong. The Injection Molded Matrix (IMX) cone resists flexing, which is a key to extremely accurate sound reproduction. This cone design uses Aramid fibers bonded to fiberglass for strength. Pioneer premiere woofers have more design innovation than their competitors.

    Tweeter Construction

    Pioneer’s tweeters are made with a soft-dome design. What this means is crystal clear and accurate sound reproduction. Tweeters are designed with two magnets. One is built into the voice coil and the other is mounted normally, cancelling out magnetic fields that can cause adverse movement of the diaphragm and voice coil. The back chamber is designed to eliminate back-firing sound waves from interrupting or impeding the movement of the diaphragm or voice-coil. These features combine to help provide longer life and truer sound reproduction.

    Speaker Cage Design

    Instead of building speaker cages from multiple components, Pioneer builds theirs out of single cast aluminum. What this means is no unwanted vibrations or harmonics from loose parts. The aerospace-grade aluminum center is designed to dissipate heat and provides wider bass dispersion.

    The enhanced design features of the newest generation of Pioneer stereo speakers make them some of the most reliable ones on the market. Pioneer audio is a leading innovator in the field of sound reproduction. Pioneer car speakers compare quite favorably in audio reproduction to high-end brands such as Alpine car speakers, while not carrying the same high-end price tags.