• How Much Does it Cost to Install a Car Radio

    The cost associated to install a car stereo will depend on the type of radio and components. When researching car stereo prices do not forget to factor in the cost of installation. Many drivers completely overlook this cost. To install the car stereo can many times add a significant amount onto the purchase. Some systems can easily be installed at home though good working knowledge of the vehicle’s electrical system is very helpful.

    Free Installation

    Free installation may sound like a great deal but make sure you read the fine print. Many times these free installations can be rush jobs and connections are not made correctly so that the unit does not properly function.  A dash kit will also be needed for non-factory systems and these are not free and can add up to $20 onto the “free” installation.

    Many Features

    The more wire sand components that need to be installed, the higher the price. These installations can cost several hundreds of dollars if the components do not fit properly and alterations need to be made.  If you need the installation to be cheap, get components that fit the current spots in the vehicle. This includes the head unit, speakers and check if there is a space available for an amplifier or subwoofer.

    Do It Yourself

    While it may be desirable to install the system yourself, this can cost much more in the long run. Bad installation can damage the dashboard, door and result in a malfunctioning system. If new speakers are installed then additional wiring will need to be run. Only those that are confident and experienced should tackle installation themselves.