• How Audiobahn Speakers Offer Bang for Your Buck

    Audiobahn is a popular aftermarket brand of car audio speakers to consider if you are looking to enhance your sound system. Audiobahn subwoofers are perhaps what the company is best known for but the rest of Audiobahn’s car stereo system is highly regarded as well. If you’re thinking of going with Audiobahn for your aftermarket speakers, you’ll want to know just how good they are.

    Overview of the Audiobahn Brand

    Audiobahn’s signature flame design makes the brand instantly recognizable. Audiobahn’s Immortal series is commonly used in audio competitions, though the rest of their equipment is more focused on being relatively inexpensive while still carrying good quality. While not all of Audiobahn’s is competition grade, it is still a nice upgrade to factory speakers and brings distinctive style to your vehicle’s interior as well.


    The tweeters in a car handle high frequency noises. Audiobahn has some nice 25mm titanium and silk tweeters, but they can be a little bit hard to find. Silk creates a nice, smooth and airy noise for soaring highs, and titanium can handle extremely high frequencies for flawless sound reproduction.


    Subwoofers are what Audiobahn is known for, and their reputation is well deserved. Their signature flame decoration is stylish and recognizable, but more important is the actual quality of the output. The quality does not disappoint, with the ability to handle very high power levels without reducing the depth and richness of sound. It’s generally agreed that Audiobahn subwoofers are an outstanding value for the price.

    Price Tag

    Audiobahn’s gear is priced appropriately for what it offers. It is firmly entrenched in the mid-level price range, with with the exception of its competition class. In general, expect to pay between between $80-$110 for each piece of Audiobahn equipment you purchase (though of course pieces can and will vary in price). Unlike other higher end brands that can cost more than $500 for a single part, Audiobahn tops out around $150, with most individual speakers in the $50 range.

    The Overall Value

    There is a debate on whether difference in sound quality between well-constructed paper and Kevlar cones is enough to justify the extreme difference in cost between the two, which seems to be Audiobahn’s take on the subject indeed. In reducing the cost of the speakers, Audiobahn must decrease the value of its materials. With both the price and quality taken into account, Audiobahn’s overall value is generally a good deal for the consumer. You get what you pay for in Audiobahn’s case: upper-middle quality for a medium price tag.

    Since this can range anywhere from around 2 inches all the way up to over 10 inches. When you are looking at car speakers, you will see a measurement (usually in inches). This is the diameter or the outer radius of the speakers.

    You will need to consider what will fit in your car because audio systems vary greatly. The most popular size is around 6.5 inches. The best way to tell which size will fit in your car is by removing your old speakers and measuring. Just measure straight across the middle and that will give you the diameter.

    The Verdict

    So, how good are Audiobahn car speakers? The answer is simply “good.” Audiobahn is by no means top of the line but in general, it offers good quality speakers that don’t disappoint. For the average consumer who just wants an upgrade to factory speakers, Audiobahn is a reasonable choice.