• The Club: How it Works and Why You Should Consider Getting One

    Many of us have heard of “The Club,” and you can frequently see this device at work in urban settings and other areas, though not everyone knows just exactly how it is supposed to work. As one of the most commonly selected anti-theft device on the market, the Club lock is known in security circles by its more accurate name— a steering wheel lock.

    What the Club Does

    The Club anti-theft device attaches to the steering wheel to effectively lock it in place. This would prevent someone who is in the driver’s seat from making any turns with the vehicle, or even getting it out of a parallel parked situation.

    The steering wheel lock was designed as an additional deterrent to car theft. The first obstacle to thieves is the ignition however with many car thieves able to use the hot wiring techniques or using tools such as a screwdriver to forcibly engage the ignition, some drivers found they needed more advanced security measures. With the steering wheel lock, even if the thief is able to start the car, navigation is impossible with the Club in place.

    Similar Types of Anti-theft Devices

    Another variant on the Club is a combination steering wheel and brake pedal lock. This item works on the same principle but it is a longer piece with two ends. One end attaches to the steering wheel, and the other attaches to the brake pedal. This effectively locks the steering wheel and the brake pedal to provide even more of a challenge for a car thief.

    Potential Problems with the Club

    The most common danger reported with the Club is that persistent car thieves can take it off of the steering wheel by cutting part of the structure. Some security experts argue that if a car thief (or a group of them) is persistent enough to hotwire or illegally start a vehicle, they will be able to take off the steering lock in a short matter of time.

    Others point to the steering wheel lock as an effective deterrent, where many thieves presented with the Club on a vehicle will move on rather than deal with the task of removing the steering lock. This idea, along with the affordability of the Club steering wheel tool and its ease of use, are reasons you may see a solid line of cars and other vehicles parked along the street of a rougher neighborhood, with the Club on all of their steering wheels. As a practical deterrent, this kind of tool is effective, especially against casual car thieves who are out for a joyride, and may not be equipped with the gear needed to disable a steering wheel lock device.

    For those worried about their chances of losing a car right off of the street or driveway, a steering wheel lock like “The Club” is a cheap and useful option for protecting your vehicle.