• How Car Audio Equalizers Work

    Car audio equalizers can improve the sound of your car stereo and make listening to your music more enjoyable. It will tweak certain frequencies in a given DB range to pull the tonal quality out of the instruments, and the vocals of the music that you listen to.

    Types of Equalizers

    There are a couple of different kinds of car audio equalizers that you can install in your car sound system. Mainly they are two types: one which mounts under your dash, and the other one mounts under the seat. Usually after you set the equalizer you should not have to tweak it again, and under the seat units perform much better than under dash units.

    Car Audio Equalizer is a Series of Sound Enhancing Filters

    Car audio equalizers are an electronic device that have a set of filters and amplifiers that adjust the tonal quality of the sound based on certain frequency ranges. This allows you to enhance the quality of music by tweaking the bass, mid range, or treble in certain frequency ranges. And thus gives you precise control over quality of the vocals and the instruments in the music you listen to.

    What Car Audio Equalizers do for You

    It effectively separates the music that you listen to into a certain bandwidth, giving precise control over each channel in that band range. The equalizer will also compensate for the noisiest component in your system, reducing the noise through the use of filters.

    • The equalizer will adjust your music to the acoustic qualities of your car, pulling the sounds you like to hear to the front.
    • A preamp equalizer will boost the sound level in your car by the amount of the preamp.
    • Most cars have a natural interior frequency of about 100-200 Hz. This is always good for the bass end of the sound spectrum, but can drown out the mids and highs.
    • The equalizer will allow you to compensate for the car drowning out certain frequency ranges.
    • The carpeted or upholstered surfaces in your car can dull the sound of your music and the equalizer will allow you to boost the dulled ranges so your music sounds the way that it’s supposed to.
    • The equalizer will allow you to precisely cut or boost the frequencies that you need to clean up the sound in your car.

    There is no doubt that car audio equalizers can offer you a lot of advantages that you just don’t have without one. If you spend a lot of time in your car driving back and forth, car audio equalizers may be just what the doctor ordered. If you love to listen to music, especially the background music, then you should look into getting a car audio equalizer for your vehicle.

    Optimal Utilization

    In order to get maximum performance from an equalizer, it needs to be adjusted properly. For this purpose, you need to ensure the car speakers are placed properly. Also, it is suggested to first set the the control button to neutral. Start adjusting the frequencies, depending on your choice. Try to adjust one frequency at a time to avoid distortion.