• How Bluetooth Car Speakers Work

    Types of Bluetooth Car Speakers?

    Blueant Supertooth Bluetooth Speakers

    The Blueant Bluetooth system is compatible with all major mobile phone manufacturers and you can double check availability with your phone here http://www.myblueant.com/s3_compatibility.htm. The Blueant Supertooth Bluetooth speakers and system also work with voice recognition technology to allow you to operate the system using voice prompts to instruct the system in voice dialing, redialing and rejecting calls. Also, because the Blueant Supertooth synchronizes with your cell phone address book, it will announce the name of the incoming caller, and to accept the call you simply say “OK.”

    As a state of the art sun visor Bluetooth system, Blueant Supertooth also automatically adjusts for the sound of a noisy vehicle, eliminates echo noises and the extra noise created when the windows are wound down in the car. The installation of a Blueant system is as easy as sliding the clip onto your sun visor and attaching the Supertooth with magnets.

    Motorola Bluetooth Car Speakers

    Motorola is a well known mobile device manufacturer, so if you have a Motorola mobile, or you are just looking for a sleek and unobtrusive in-car Bluetooth system then you can find out more information about Motorola Bluetooth car speakers here http://direct.motorola.com/ens/carkits/index.html. The Motorola Bluetooth Automotive Music and Hands-free System connects directly to your car’s speakers and sound system, meaning it “pauses” your music when a call comes in and resumes playing when you “hang up.”

    Since the easy to use and stylish interface of the Motorola Bluetooth system connects to your own car’s sound system, there is no need to purchase additional Bluetooth speakers. The Motorola Bluetooth system also has all of the features you would expect, including voice dialing, echo and noise cancellation and a 3.5 mm stereo port for wiring the system directly to your music player meaning you never have to charge it. However, it does require a professional installation.

    Jabra Bluetooth Speakers

    Jabra Bluetooth speakers can be easily clipped onto the sun visor of your car and run voice calls and music through FM and Bluetooth transmissions. The Jabra Bluetooth speakers can also play music which is stored on your mobile phone, through your car stereo.

    In addition to using DSP technology to avoid background noise and echoing, Jabra Bluetooth speaker systems for your car also have night driving settings to avoid distracting lights, as well as a battery saving system to turn itself off when not in use.