• How Bluetooth Car Radios Work

    Before getting to know how Bluetooth car radios work, it would be best to get an idea on how Bluetooth technology works. This technology has enabled users to enjoy wireless technology for a wide array of purposes.

    How Bluetooth Works

    Bluetooth devices communicate with each other via short frequency radio waves. Bluetooth enabled devices usually function within a range of 10 meters but new devices offer the capability of extended ranges of frequency. Unlike conventional tools such as a remote control, Bluetooth devices need not be aligned in a particular line of sight to perfectly function. In fact, as long as the 2 devices are within range or in the same room.

    Bluetooth Car Radio

    A Bluetooth enabled car radio will not only play CD’s and mp3’s, but could communicate with other devices such as a mobile phone or PDA. This makes it easy to place or answer telephone calls inside the car in a techno cool wireless fashion. On some car radio models with sophisticated displays or control panels, the user could easily see and sort phone and address book entries from the mobile phone. This makes it easy to answer incoming calls while driving, enhancing safety and minimizing distractions while on the road. When the phone rings, the driver will be alerted via an audible ring emitted by the car speakers.

    The applications are endless. Most new cars are now already equipped with Bluetooth capabilities as standard and greatly enhance the functionality and enjoyment of the driving experience. For those whom want Bluetooth capability in their car radios, a universal adapter can be purchased at any electronic or retail store.