• How Throttle Body Spacers Improve Engine Performance

    Drivers looking to customize their vehicles with aftermarket parts may want to learn about a throttle body spacer. Knowing more about throttle parts also helps auto enthusiasts understand how car systems have evolved so much in past decades.

    What Is a Throttle Body Spacer?

    A throttle body spacer is an addition to a throttle that works with the air intake system to deliver more air into the engine, thus increasing performance. In older carburetor style engine setups, the throttle body spacer was used to manipulate the air in a way that affected how the fuel was mixed. These days, a throttle body spacer generally affects the air intake in fuel-injection vehicles; more air into the engine means enhanced combustion.

    A Throttle Body Spacer and Engine Performance

    Through adding to the rush of air into the engine, a throttle body spacer increases performance in a vehicle. Shops that routinely install these aftermarket additions have reported up to 18 horsepower gains in some vehicles or up to a 25 foot-pound gain in torque. These kinds of gains can be detailed for a specific vehicle using manufacturer specifications.

    Considerations for Adding an Aftermarket Throttle Body Spacer to a Vehicle

    Although most throttle body spacers are generally guaranteed street legal, check with the manufacturer to get specific approvals for this engine add-on. In California, many of the throttle body spacers on the market are also approved by the California Air Resource Board according to emissions controls. Also make sure your throttle body spacer addition or any other customizing will not void a warranty by looking at the specific conditions o before installing aftermarket parts.

    An aftermarket throttle body spacer needs to be compatible with cold-air intakes since its role is to facilitate air inflow.

    With the appropriate considerations, it shouldn’t be a problem to find a throttle body spacer that boosts engine performance without compromising the integrity of the fuel injection system. For those who into engine “modding,” this is a worthwhile project. Be sure to take all precautions and always seek clarification from the owner’s manual regarding safety.