• How a Graphic Car Equalizer Differs from Other Equalizers

    There are three main types of equalizers available: the graphic car equalizer, the parametric equalizer and the digital equalizer. It’s important to know what an equalizer is before understanding the different types. An equalizer is a component of a sound system that allows you to adjust the balance of sound frequencies.

    Parametric Equalizer

    A parametric equalizer is a multi-band changeable devise that allows the user to control the parameters of the pass filter parts and the interior band. This type of equalizer is used for sound recordings and live sound copy music. It is not usually used in vehicles.

    Graphic Equalizer

    A graphic equalizer or graphic car equalizer provides a graphic display so the user can see the sound frequencies and adjust them accordingly. This type of equalizer is often used in vehicles.

    Digital Equalizer

    Digital equalizers offer the best of both worlds. This type incorporates the parametric equalizer’s ability to adjust and control the interior band as well as the pass filter parts with the graphics that enable the user to see the adjustments. This type of car equalizer offers 32 bands of one-third octave equalization per control.

    The majority of car equalizers are digital equalizers, and offer the best of both of the other main types for the maximum control of your car audio system. The digital graphic displays built into graphic car equalizers make the adjustments easy to understand. Some incorporate other features such as a master volume control, speaker level output, controls for crossovers and even the choice of lighting color for the displays.