• Hooking Up Multiple Phones to a Bluetooth Car Speaker System

    Bluetooth car speaker systems are an important safety feature for those who are always on call and anyone who does not wish to miss an important call while driving. These systems are a legal way to speak on your phone while driving in many parts of the world and are very easy to use. They have several capabilities that make your driving experience much safer. Once set up the driver does not need to manually pick in coming calls, also in case there was any music playing the system automatically mutes it for the duration of the call along with echo and noise reduction features. With advancements in technology most car speaker systems are have very simple set up requirements.

    Step 1. Your Phone/s

    Ensure that the phone or phones you have are Bluetooth enabled. This may seem very basic but in case your phone is not Bluetooth enabled your system will not work.

    Step 2. Bluetooth Car Speaker Kit

    You have hundreds of brands and models to pick from. When looking to have your Bluetooth device connect with two or more phones make sure to get a kit with multi point ability which allows you to connect two phones at the same time on multiple phone Bluetooth. Also make sure to confirm that the system can pair with more than two phones which means that if you have three phones it will work with any and all of them. Once you have bought the car speaker kit you will simply need to mount it somewhere convenient and if it is using the cigarette lighter for powering consider proximity to that power source for it.

    Step 3. Pair the Phone/s and Car System

    Pairing the devices actually means getting the devices to connect. This is a simple process of just switching them both on and having them detect each other via Bluetooth. For multiple phones you will pair the phones with the device one after the other. In an area with several Bluetooth devices your system and phone may pick other unwanted Bluetooth devices so be sure to connect only with the devices you want. You may also be prompted for a password by your phones and the car system each time it connects to a new device. Once connected any phone call coming in to your phone should ring on the car speaker system and you should be able to talk through your external microphone. After this initial set up the phone and car speaker system should be able to connect every time you use your car without the need for reconfiguration. 

    As with all other car accessories the Bluetooth kit will come with a user guide and installation manual. These will help you properly install and configure your system to ensure you get the most out of it. Also remember to confirm before you buy your kit that it is actually compatible with your phones and can be used by multiple phones. As always if you feel you may not be able to comfortably do the set up yourself, please consult a professional to get it done right.