• Hooking Up Bluetooth to the Car Phone

    A Bluetooth car phone means you can still use your cell phone safely and legally in the car. Most states now have laws that only allow hands-free phone devices while driving for safety reasons. Using the phone while driving has been proven to cause accidents. It’s worth remembering that even using Bluetooth isn’t 100 percent safe. You can still be distracted from the road, so be mindful.

    Tools and Materials

    • Bluetooth car kit
    • Manual

    Step One – Phone

    If you’re installing Bluetooths in your car, you need to be certain that your phone is Bluetooth capable. Most newer cell phones should be, but that’s not always a certainty. If you’re familiar with all the features of your phone, check to see if you have a Bluetooth car phone. If not, look in the manual. That will tell you, and also give you instructions as to how to access the Bluetooth area.

    Step Two – Car

    What year is your car? It might seem irrelevant, but it’s not. Many more recent cars are Bluetooth-equipped, so the carphone connections are already in place. You’ll need to check your owner’s manual if you’re not sure. Where a car is ready for a Bluetooth car phone, you’ll be able to manage the setup by following the instructions in your owner’s manual.

    Step Three – Bluetooth Car Kit

    If your car isn’t Bluetooth ready, you’ll need to buy a Bluetooth car kit. There are plenty of them on the market. The prices vary greatly. However, it’s worth remembering that you often get what you pay for. A cheap kit often won’t have the quality of a more expensive one. Buy the best you can afford. You don’t need to go to the very top of the range, but buy something with a good warranty.

    Step Four – Installation

    There are slight differences between each Bluetooth car kit. Follow the installation instructions that come with the unit. It’s a simple procedure. The trick is where to place the microphone.

    It’s important that it’s not too near your face in order to have clarity on the voice. Place it at least 16 inches from your face in order to achieve this. Realistically, this will mean placing the microphone neat the headliner or overhead console. It would also be close to the rear view mirror. At the same time, the car kit can block your view of the mirrors. Nor should it interfere with your use of the gearshift, or how the seats move. Make sure, too, that it doesn’t prevent the proper deployment of the airbags in the vehicle.

    Step Five – Set Up

    With the car kit installed, you need to set up the Bluetooth car phone. That means setting up the cell phone to read the car kit. Follow the instructions in your phone manual, although generally the phone should detect the Bluetooth in the car automatically. Once everything has been set up, read the instructions on how to use the Bluetooth and then go for a drive and test it out. Remember to give your attention to the road, however.