• Five Different Types Of Bluetooth Car Speakers

    Hands free cell phone use while driving is being mandated by more and more states these days, so Bluetooth car speakers are gaining popularity. There are five different types of basic Bluetooth car speakers on the market.

    • Bluetooth FM transmitter
    • BlueAnt Bluetooth car phone speakers
    • SuperTooth Bluetooth car phone speakers
    • Motorola Bluetooth
    • Jabra blutetooth car speakers

    All five types work using the Bluetooth radio specification and require a Bluetooth enabled cellphone.

    Bluetooth FM Transmitter

    This type of device works with your existing car stereo system. When an incoming call is detected (the phone rings), it interrupts the playback from your car stereo and broadcasts to the stereo on an empty FM frequency the phone conversation. Some units have an external input for a digital media player and a microphone input. Others just use either the microphone on the cell phone, or the stereo speakers as both speaker and microphone.

    BlueAnt Bluetooth Car Phone Speakers

    BlueAnt is an Australian company with a line of voice-activated Bluetooth speakers. When your phone rings, you just speak “Answer” clearly and the call begins. They also have a version which will connect to two separate cell phones so you can answer either one of them hands-free. If your phone supports voice dialing, you can use this feature with the touch of a button.

    SuperTooth Bluetooth Speakerphone

    The SuperTooth Bluetooth speakerphone is a multipurpose design. If your phone supports A2DP music streaming technology, you can listen to mp3s stored on your phone and when a call comes in, playback is paused, the caller’s name is heard and you can decide to answer or let it go to voicemail.

    Motorola Bluetooth

    Motorola offers a full line of Bluetooth hands-free cell phone accessories. Offerings include FM transmitters and headsets, both with full boom lip microphones and the type that that has the mini-boom microphones.

    Jabra Bluetooth Car Speaker

    Jabra offers two types of Bluetooth car speakerphones.

    • Bluetooth connection to the phone only. Speaker and microphone functions are built into the unit.
    • Bluetooth connection to the phone and FM transmitter to your car stereo. Both types have the microphone in the Bluetooth unit and clip to your car visor. The FM transmitter type broadcasts the audio over your car stereo’s speakers.

    With a little research you can find the Bluetooth car speakers that are right for you to keep you safe and legal while driving.