• Disabled Car Alarm: How to Prevent a Theif From Disabling a Car Alarm

    Car thieves are a determined bunch; if they want your car they’re going to do everything they can to get at it and one of their primary ways of getting what they want is through a disabled car alarm. The best way to prevent thieves from getting what is yours is to deter them from trying in the first place, and even if they do, taking some simple precautions could slow them down enough to make them realize your car is not worth the effort and jail time they face if they are caught.

    Here is a list of preventive measures you can take in order to stop car thieves from targeting your car and disabling your security system:

    Alarm Indicators and Stickers

    The first line of defense to preventing the disabling of an alarm is to give the thieves fair warning that an alarm is present and the car is secure. Some thieves will walk away when they see the presence of an alarm through stickers or lights. Discouraging them before they try to enter the vehicle is the best way to prevent damage or loss of your vehicle.

    Park in a safe Spot.

    Thieves love an easy target and they hate to be watched while committing their crimes. So park the car in a well-lighted and highly visible place. The better exposed the car is to public view, the less likely your car will be targeted for theft.

    The Right Car Alarm

    The last place you want to try to save a little money is with the alarm system you are using to protect your vehicle. If thieves are going to try to disable your alarm and steal the car or any of your belongings within, make it as formidable a system to deactivate as you can. Making sure your alarm is equipped with precautions such as remote fobs with adjustable security codes, motion and pressure sensors, ignition kill switches, and a high-pitched siren will make defeating your security safeguards a timely and threatening proposition. If the thief really wants your car, these are risks he/she is willing to take, but it doesn’t mean you need to make it easy for them. The longer they have to devote to disabling your alarm system, the more likely they will be caught and that makes your car a little less attractive to criminals.

    The Battery Is your Best Friend

    Most car alarms, no matter how sophisticated, have one fatal flaw that makes each and every one of them vulnerable to defeat: the power supply. Usually, car alarms are connected to the car battery, so thieves know all they have to do is cut the cable to the battery and in seconds they’ve bypassed your highly sophisticated alarm system. The best way to prevent thieves from shutting the system down is to use a second battery. Protecting the power supply of the system is paramount to preventing thieves from disabling your car alarm.