• Comparing the Best Satellite Car Radio Receivers: A Buyers Guide

    Satellite radio provides the same quality entertainment and information as long as there is satellite reception, and it’s even better when heard on the right car radio receivers. The normal FM car radio receiver will require an additional device, which is the satellite receiver, to help you enjoy this experience. You can either buy an add on dock to your current car stereo or buy a whole new car receiver which is satellite ready. As you purchase the receiver, remember to ask for the kit that goes with it. With the two satellite radio stations available using different technologies and thus different satellite radio receivers, it is important to decide which station you want to sign up with before you buy the receiver. Here are two of the top rated satellite receivers for each station.


    Sirius satellite radio station has many receivers available to connect you to their service. Here are two of the leading receivers.

    • DEI SIRIUS Sportster 5 Satellite Radio: This receiver comes highly rated for its compatibility with a lot of equipment. Features include an alert when a particular song is played on the network, a 60-minute buffer to replay a broadcast and a programmable remote control. This receiver will give you your money’s worth. 
    • Audiovox SV5TK1 Stratus 5 Sirius Satellite Radio: This is an excellently designed and easy to operate receiver that has great display and high quality sound. It does not have any unnecessary gimmicks and comes with an option to connect directly to your car stereo, which increases the audio output quality.


    This is another well known company and two of its receivers are highly recommended.

    • AudioVox XpressRC XM Radio Receiver XMCK30P: This receiver has a strong FM signal that allows easy connection to your car stereo. It has a sleek design and excellent display, and works with a wide range of equipment inclusive of home stereos. It has features to store information like sports scores, and you get a one year warranty when you buy from authorized dealers. You get to pause your radio and replay up to 30 minutes of a program.
    • AudioVox XpressRCi XM Radio Receiver XDRC2V1: Coming with some very cool features like the split screen option that allows you to browse up to five other channels while listening to your current channel. You can also enter a channel direct by using the number key, and you get to track where and when your favorite music or musician is playing on the XM network. Compatible with a wide range of equipment, it is accessible from anywhere.

    Sirius and XM merged in 2007 and are working on developing equipment that will allow their subscribers to enjoy content available on either station. Currently you get to access only some of the available channels on the station you’re not subscribed to.