• Keyless Entry Car Alarms: How they Work and Where to Get Them

    Keyless car entry alarms are an integral part of the security systems installed in most vehicles. The system generally comes with a remote control device which has multiple buttons for arming and disarming the alarm system. There are buttons for opening doors and disarming the locks; hence a press of a button allows the driver not only to disarm the alarm, but also open doors, therefore aiding in keyless entry. The keyless entry car alarm systems can be operated from a distance of up to 30 feet; therefore, it is also called “remote entry.”

    Evolution of Remote Entry Devices

    A decade back, the designs of these systems were different—the car was installed with devices which enabled him to type a pre-programmed code for access into the car. Pushing a button is much easier than entering a code; some people have even claimed that the older versions of the keyless entry devices were more time-consuming than inserting a key in the car. Nowadays, there are certain models which even incorporate a button for remote-starting a car’s engine. While this is mostly valid in cars whose engines are fuel injection based, compatibility is no longer an issue with developing designs of the device.

    The most common issues with an aftermarket keyless entry car alarm are poor quality sensors and unexpected triggering of the alarm. Poor quality sensors can cause the alarm to be unreliable, making for an easy theft of your vehicle when a cheap alarm sensor fails to trigger the system alarm. The other side of the coin is an alarm that goes off too easily.

    Some low price keyless entry car alarms have touchy, hard-to-tune controls which can cause the alarm to trigger even when there is no one around the vehicle. Loud stereo systems, noisy exhaust systems and even a bird flying into the window can cause an overly sensitive alarm to trigger.

    It might sound like a good feature, but when your car alarm is going off at 3 am because someone went by with a loud exhaust system every night for a week, the low-priced keyless entry car alarm shows it flaws. Make sure that you understand how to adjust the sensitivity before you leave the installer because not understanding how your security system works becomes a tremendous headache when its late at night and you can’t stop your alarm from triggering.

    Where to Get Them

    In case your car does not come with the remote car entry system, it is advisable to ask the dealer to include the system in your automobile. In some cases, you can get the remote entry system at up to 60 percent of the market price with dealers.

    Remote entry systems are also available with all car accessory and security shops. There are product-specific shops or brand outlet shops that have product lines pertaining to their brand. For instance, Astra and Galaxy are brands of remote entry systems with auxiliary features like built-in parking lights and piezo sensors. They are mostly available at their prorietary brand outlets at their listed or market price.

    If you want to get car remote entry systems at low prices, you should check out the factory outlets or security superstores which sell a huge inventory of different brands of car alarms and safety systems. While discounts are prevalent in these places, some superstores may also offer seasonal discounts and free shipping.