• Cheap Car Subwoofers: 4 High Performance Subs that Don’t Lack Bass

    Finding cheap car subwoofers with high quality sound can be a challenge and very subjective. The problem is not finding the equipment to fit your car, but finding affordable subwoofers to really enhance the music while not shattering your eardrums or budget. There are plenty of expensive subwoofers you could get anywhere that can make glass vibrate a block away, but with some research and effort, you can find cheaper subwoofers with similar great sound effects. They vary from 6 to 60 inches which refers to the width across the front.  For some research and with a little time to play on the Internet, you can great subwoofers at a price you can afford. Here are four types of subwoofers that can be found cheap and produce quality sound:

    1. JL Audio: Is a medium level brand known for its ability to deliver strong bass in small areas, quality is known and respected and their prices start at competitive levels.
    2. Sony: Subwoofers of the big names can sometimes be cheapest because they are most available so prices have to be competitive.
    3. Blaupunkt: A European brand with strong bass and strong price: value ratios. Just be careful looking and make sure either you understand installing them or you have someone who does or can learn it without much trouble or a pricy instruction translation.
    4. Alpine: A very popular brand which is reputed to really pump the bass at any size and is usually available as low as 7.5- 8” car sizes.

    Cheap car subwoofers can be found in almost any brand. Most important is to consider the size and sound you want. Find a brand well reviewed by the people who like their bass the loudest.  Then temper it to fit your needs, spend the time instead of money, and find the best cheap subwoofers online or on sale near you.