• Cars that Come with Car Navigation and Bluetooth Systems

    There are a lot of sedans that come with car navigation and Bluetooth, combined or as separate elements of one or more upgrade packages, or standard on a base trim. There are also a lot of other vehicles like SUVs, crossovers and even trucks that have the same conveniences available to drivers.

    Getting Bluetooth and Navigation in Sedans

    With a wide range of “normal” sedans and personal cars, getting both of these tech features means selecting a top trim for a model year. Lots of the Ford lineup offers Bluetooth through their new SYNC system that lets drivers hook up personal devices. Although a car navigation system is not something that Ford’s vehicles are known for, you may be able to find a top of the line Ford that combines these two elements.

    Honda is a manufacturer that often includes a proprietary in-dash navigation system in its cars, but it’s far from the only one. Many makers now put their own navigation units into more of their annual lineup, but often only in top trims and optional upgrade packages.

    Getting Standard Bluetooth with In-Dash Navigation

    When you want both of these items standard, you may want to go with one of the “luxury vehicles” that promise all of what you want in one neat trim. Infiniti, the luxury division of Nissan, typically includes this kind of gear in the base trim of Infiniti cars. Lexus does the same. For luxury SUVs, buyers have a range of options from Mercedes-Benz, to Lexus or Audi. Many of these vehicles will include Bluetooth connectivity as well as handy navigation as standard features.