• Car Radio Installers: How Much does it Cost to have Someone Install My Stereo

    Having car radio installers put in your new stereo doesn’t have to cost a fortune. The type of stereo, type of vehicle, and method of installation will all determine the final cost of the installation. 

    Basic Installations

    If you don’t have a system that requires some type of special tweaking, most retailers that deal with car audio will install a stereo for under $50 if you purchase it from them. This would be a simple installation. If the installation requires cutting an area on the dash for the stereo, or wiring that isn’t standard, then you will likely have to pay more.

    Special Set Ups

    In some vehicles, such as open body vehicles (Jeeps, convertibles, etc.), installation may be slightly different. Speakers may need to be installed and wired in the roll cage frame, and convertibles may require speaker installation in the seats. When you get in to installations of this nature, you will end up spending more money. In some cases, the installation can cost several hundred dollars.

    Discount Stereo Installers

    One way to save money is to choose a discount installation service. This is popular when people purchase the components for their stereo separately. These installers typically charge a low rate by the hour with a minimum. Be sure to research before you choose to do this. You need to make sure the installers are familiar with your car as well as the stereo to get a proper installation.