• Broken or Stolen Car Radio Face? Understand What to Do Next

    It’s very common to have thieves take off with the car radio face when you leave it unattended in the car. The car radio face is the most expensive part of the stereo, and losing it can really burn a hole in your pocket. In fact, the cost of a new car radio is almost the same as a replacement car stereo faceplate. You can try and find a replacement by searching through these alternatives.

    Step 1 – Original Company

    A few companies like Pioneer have reasonably priced face plates that you can order off the site. Check with their website to find the right spare parts and order them online. Find out the model of your car radio and then get in touch with the manufacturer to find the right detachable face plate. It might be priced a little on the high side, though.

    Step 2 – EBay

    There are always deals online where private sellers will list their equipment online. The only problem here is that you might not get the perfect faceplate or the model that you want for the car radio.

    Step 3 – Private Dealers

    Spare parts companies like Crutchfield.com, Best Buy and Circuit City all have a huge inventory of goods that you can check through to find your particular model. They also have great holiday rates on several categories of spare parts, and you could get a good deal.

    If you can’t find a replacement car radio face, then it’s time to evaluate the cost of a complete radio or trawl through the local pawn shops and scrap dealers until you find a replacement.