• Best Places to Find Cheap Replacement Car Radio Parts for Older Stereos

    There are great arguments to repair the original stereo in your car with new car stereo parts instead of a replacement car radio. It’s easier to maintain the original factory audio equipment, it looks better in your older car, maintains the integrity and will wield a higher resale value. Also, the original stereo can likely be fixed with cheap stereo parts. Both buying the parts and installing them is cheaper and the whole thing is less likely to be stolen because it appears older and less mobile even though it works great. Here are a few options for finding the necessary parts:

    Check with a Local Car Audio Specialist

    A small local shop is likely to have someone specializing in the older brand you need  as well as suggestions on where to get parts, or have the parts themselves. As they try to compete with online sellers, many will offer discounts and free installation. A local person who can help you and your car is priceless.

    Clearing House

    There are several of these, like carradio.com where a national service puts you in contact with a specialist in your area. At the least, it’s a great way to get a free estimate for the special parts and labor for your older car stereo. Call them toll-free at 1-800-446-2880.

    Online Auctions

    Ebay and Amazon will help you find the parts you need at a cheap price and then you only need to find an installation guide or a professional in your area to do it for you. A few extra steps, but definitely the cheapest price on parts is through this route.

    Cheap car parts are out there for your older car radio. With a little time, effort and patience you can find them and have them installed to keep your original stereo and prevent disruption of your car’s system for a great price.