• Choosing the Best Floor Mat for Your Vehicle

    Whether you own or lease your vehicle, buying car floor mats is necessary to protect your vehicle investment. Moisture stemming from slush, rain and snow ruins the vehicle’s carpet and oxidize the floor pan. No matter what brand you buy, vinyl or heavy-duty mats are best for ice, snow, and slush, and carpeted mats are best for dusty or rainy conditions. All manufacturers offer mats based on the make, model and year of your vehicle.

    Husky Heavy Duty Floor Mats

    Husky’s products are top-rated and custom-made out of a polyvinyl chloride material. All of Husky’s floor mats are guaranteed not to crack or break for life. Husky Liners


    Hexomat floor mats from Intro-tech Automotive are all-season floor mats constructed of advanced rubber composite material. Intro-tech also makes a variety of other mats, including their Diamond Plate custom-made. Intro Tech Automotive


    Avery’s floor mats are crafted with automotive-grade nylon and backed with a ribbed non-slip rubber layer. Started in 1983 by Delbert Avery, this multifaceted manufacturer also creates custom, high-quality carpet floor mats.


    Nifty is a Georgia-based company that manufacturers full carpets sets and also a wide variety of top selling floor mats. Its most recognizable product, Catch-All, provides the same durable protection of a custom rubber floor mat but with the look of carpet. Nifty also manufactures the popular “Pro Line” and “Xtreme” floor mats and offers a Lifetime Warranty.

    Lloyd Mats

    Located in Los Angeles, Lloyd’s has been customizing mats since 1978. They have a pattern for nearly every make or model sold in America since 1960.

    Buying a great floor mat for your car will help protect your investment for the future by protecting your vehicle’s carpet set from dirt, mud, slush and snow.