• Benefits Of 6×9 Car Speakers

    One of the benefits of 6×9 speakers is that they are a good option for people who just want a simple choice, that’s going to perform well and not break the bank. Shopping for car audio components can be confusing nowadays, as it seems like there are a million different things to choose from. Tweeters, woofers, sub-woofers, amplifiers, crossovers, capacitors; using a good set of 6×9 car speakers can be an easier choice than building a whole system.

    6×9’s are great all-around performers. They excel at producing mid-range sounds (they are often a core component of more high-end systems), which will give you a strong base. Even better; they are also capable of making a good amount deep bass notes, and they have the capability to reach into the higher frequencies too. That makes them a good all-around package.

    On top of the capabilities of the basic 6×9 speaker, now you can select a speaker in the 6×9 size in a 2 or 3-way configuration. It means that the basic 6×9 speaker cone is “nested” with smaller-diameter speakers that help fill out some of the higher range frequencies this speaker size can sometimes struggle with. In turn, you’ll be getting a good solution. A relatively compact speaker that has great flexibility for the average listener. Here is a look at the 3 basic types of 6x9s available.

    1. 6×9 “single” – Good mid-range, decent bass, but may leave something to be desired when it comes to higher frequencies. This is a great speaker to combine with a factory speaker system to “fill it out.” It’s also a good choice if you’re looking to replace the larger speakers that are usually located on the back deck of your car (under the rear window) for a fuller, more premium sound.
    2. 6×9 “2-way” – This is really 2 speakers in 1. It usually consists of a 6×9 speaker cone with a smaller 1 or 2 inch tweeter “nested” in the space in front of the larger speaker cone. This helps fill out the higher mid-range as well as producing more piercing high frequency capabilities. It also helps your music sound clearer because it doesn’t overtax the capabilities of the 6×9 cone to produce the high notes. A better choice for someone who is looking for a stand-alone speaker that will sound great by itself.
    3. 6×9 “3-way” – This is the most versatile and best-sounding of the 3. Just like the 2-way, 6×9’s are 2 speakers in one–with these in particular being 3-in-one. The 6×9, and two different-sized tweeters are built to handle high-mid and ultra-high frequency sound. This option fills out the quality of your music even more, and gives you the great mid-range and strong bass capabilities of the 6×9 size, combined with great high-middle sounds and ultra-clear high frequency notes. This is the best choice for a stand-alone unit. It will sound the best and stay clear through the whole range of a rock song, or even a symphony, because the load is shared by 3 different size speakers, instead of just one.