• Average Price of a Talking Car Alarm

    The average price for a talking car alarm varies between models and features included with the model. There are also a number of different manufacturers producing talking car alarms. You can save money if you know exactly what features you want in a talking car alarm and with a wholesale purchase for larger volumes. It’s possible by shopping around to find the model you want with the features you desire in a discount alarm system but many of these types of talking alarms are little more than novelty alarms.

    The available models of talking car alarms include the new Bulldog model 2030 do-it-yourself type that’s made in the USA and available for $60. Reviews of this alarm have been pretty good so far and the price and ease of installation make this a great choice. In the same price range we have the AL 48 Talking Car Alarm ($70), Universal Security Talking Car Alarm ($45), Audiovox Full Featured Talking Car Alarm ($80), Microscan model AN311 ($70) and model AN312 ($85) and alarms like the Bulldog model 2001 for ($75).

    A little higher in price range is the 720T Hornet Talking Car Alarm ($150),Microscan model AN313 Talking Car Alarm ($110), Ego Noises Alert Digital Car Alarm System with LCD Remote ($199), Ego Talking Car Alarm System with Chromium LCD Remote ($199), Super T-688 Voice Alert Talking Car Alarm System and Avital 5103 ($110), Avital 3300 2-Way LCD Security System ($150) and Avital 3100 1-Way Security System ($150).

    More expensive car alarm models include the BIL-Tech AMC006 ($480) and BIL-Tech Viper Talking Car Alarm with 15 inch LCD ($385), Viper’s A127 Talking Alarm System ($260) and Viper A145 Talking Car Alarm ($250) and Clifford Matrix 2.2 Remote Start Car Alarm System and Clifford Matrix 50.7X Responder Car Alarm System.

    At the top of the average price for talking car alarms we have models like the Viper 5902 Responder HD SST ($700). You can get a pretty good talking car alarm system without having to break the bank, with the average price being around $100 to $200.