• Audiobahn Car Speakers: Breaking Down Their Consumer Reviews

    Since 1987, Audiobahn car speakers have offered a variety of high-performance options for enhancing factory-installed vehicle stereo systems. Southern California-based manufacturers Audiobahn, Inc. are renowned for producing powerful car stereo products like amplifiers, subwoofers, tweeters, full and mid-range speakers, external capacitors and processors. Frequently boasting the company’s signature blue and silver flame designs, Audiobahn car speakers have a dedicated following among many aftermarket enthusiasts. Yet despite their flashy designs and notable reputation, it may still seem overwhelming to select an Audiobahn car speaker that best fits your needs and budget. An important step in the selection process is to familiarize yourself with the brand and its products. Here is a breakdown of consumer reviews from established sources that may help you learn more about Audiobahn car speakers.Amazon.com MarketplaceIn addition to selling books and music, Amazon.com Marketplace features around 50 different Audiobahn product listings that feature photos, prices and specifications. The online retail giant is also one of the most extensive archives for Audiobahn product reviews. Users can post a review, including an overall 1-5 star product rating. Some of the most widely reviewed Audiobahn products are:

    • 1200-Watt Mono Amplifier (A1300HCT) received a 5-star rating with the declaration that it was the “the best product” the user had ever purchased.
    • AS65V 6-1/2″ 3-way 200W Car Speakers received a 4-star rating that mentions the product’s “excellent bass” and “very loud tweeters.”
    • 12″ 800-Watt Subwoofer (AW1251T) received three customer reviews with 5-star ratings and one review with a 1-star rating. The user said that they “would never buy another Audiobahn product again.”

    CNET.com Reviews

    CNET is CBS Interactive’s online hub for news and reviews on consumer technology, including electronics and car stereo equipment. CNET Reviews lists details on more than 40 Audiobahn products, like speakers, amplifiers, subwoofers and speaker systems. In addition to including photos and retail prices, CNET reviews also feature user feedback as well as reviews from partner site Amazon.com Marketplace. Audiobahn products with the most user reviews included the A4002T2-channel amplifier–described as “very impressive for the money.”

    Epinions.comPart of the Shopping.com network, Epinions.com features reviews on a wide variety of electronics and audio equipment and other consumer products. More than 220 Audiobahn products, complete with names and photos, are listed on the site. However, only some of these listings also include features, prices and other specs. Epinions.com users can post reviews on the site that include 1-5 rankings of “Sound Quality”, “Ease of Use” and “Durability.” Links to reviews from Amazon.com Marketplace are also listed. Audiobahn products that generated the most Epinions user reviews include:

    • ABP10 Car Subwoofer received 5 out of 5 stars for all three performance criteria and was described as having a “nice look and high quality”.
    • AW120T Subwoofer received 5 stars for its sound quality and four stars for its durability and ease of use.
    • AS65C Coaxial Car Speaker received 5 out of 5 stars for all three performance criteria and was mentioned as “great sounding” and a “great deal”.
    • ABASS12 Car Subwoofer received 5 stars for ease of use, 4 stars for sound quality, and 3 for durability. The user thought this particular Audiobahn speaker was “pretty decent” but thought “there are better subs for the money”.