• Aftermarket Bluetooth Car System Vs Preinstalled Systems

    When you’re in the market for a Bluetooth car system, it might make sense to take a look at how aftermarket Bluetooth options stack up to the preinstalled Bluetooth systems that come direct from the factory. You can buy cars with Bluetooth at the dealer’s lot, or you can add aftermarket Bluetooth systems. Different situations may call for either one of these options. Some good comparisons of benefits and disadvantages may help you decide whether you want to go with a factory-direct Bluetooth option or try to install one yourself.

    Making a Car Compliant with Hands-Free Laws

    If you want to outfit your existing car or SUV with a hands-free system in order to keep from getting penalized for talking on the road, aftermarket Bluetooth kits can really help you out. Now that there are custom kits for adding Bluetooth to a vehicle, getting this innovative feature doesn’t require going back to the dealer for a new car. In many areas, local law enforcement is really cracking down on cell-phone related traffic violations, causing some to predict a “second DUI system” for cell phone distracted driver penalties. Bluetooth helps drivers get around the increasingly harsh consequences of handheld phone use on the road.

    Additional Features

    One benefit of some aftermarket Bluetooth systems is that you can bundle them with items like GPS, which cost quite a bit at the dealer’s lot as factory in-dash navigation systems. You can use a multi-function aftermarket Bluetooth kit as an alternative to purchasing a comprehensive feature upgrade package on the lot.

    Different Technologies

    One thing that a preinstalled Bluetooth system will almost never offer is an alternative energy option, but according to some of the newest trade mags, some aftermarket Bluetooth unit makers are offering solar powered models for DIY “modding.” Drivers can customize their rides with these energy-efficient features for an upgrade that’s both convenient and green.

    Compatibility and Installation

    One point in favor of preinstalled Bluetooth systems is that aftermarket systems can be difficult to match to an existing vehicle design. With factory direct systems, the manufacturers engineered the Bluetooth system to fit the car. With aftermarket Bluetooth kits, you’re on your own, and some compatibility problems can make things difficult. In addition, the troubleshooting sometimes involved in installation can make drivers feel like pulling their hair out, even if the kit is compatible. With preinstalled Bluetooth factory units, you avoid the potential debacle of aftermarket installation altogether.

    It’s a good idea to think about all of these considerations before going back to the dealer’s lot to make a deal on a newer car. Sometimes, good aftermarket additions can keep you in your old ride longer, and save you a bundle. It depends on how the cost of these aftermarket Bluetooth kits compares to feature package deals that you can get from a manufacturer through a local dealer. Either way, you’ll love the hands-free experience offered by this innovative technology.