• Advantages Of 3 Way Car Speakers

    Drivers who are looking to optimize the sound coming out of their vehicle will spend time looking at various options, including 3 way car speakers, for speaker components that they will hook up to the head unit. Whether it’s a factory shipped unit, or a customized one with advanced features. One choice is whether to go with a dual speaker set, a two-way or a three-way set.

    3 way car speakers use three different units within a component to deliver a low base, medium-range, and high range sound separately. Lots of drivers prefer these types of setups for a few important reasons. Here are some advantages to going with a three-way speaker system in a car or truck.

    Space issues – A compact three-way speaker will fit into a specific space within the vehicle. Since the three different speaker units are in one component, there is a better chance that this speaker system will provide the compact quality that will help drivers engineer their customized systems in a limited space. With three-way speakers, speaker units can be “nested”. For example, the tweeter or small speaker can be arranged in the margin of the space provided for a woofer (large bass speaker) for optimal use of space. Some speaker systems, called “drop-ins”, are made specifically to match the factory direct speaker shapes, making installation a lot easier. Drivers can also choose between round and oval systems for different sound results.

    Sound quality – Though economical drivers may opt for dual car systems, where one speaker unit attempts to reproduce the entire range of musical sound, some who want a little more finesse and sophistication in the sound coming out of their speakers may choose to go with three-way options. This is beneficial to better listen to the various high, mid range, and bass sounds of a piece of music.

    Installation – Drivers looking to install speaker systems can save time with a three-way speaker system, where all of the different units are to be installed at the same time, rather than in three separate pieces. This is a major benefit for drivers who have limited time to mess around with various parts of the system.

    Sound Blend – Some drivers have trouble with multiple units sending sound out of different locations. The result does not always blend well. In three-way systems, where the tweeter may be nested on top of or inside a larger bass piece, the makers have thought about sound blending and how to allow for a complementary stream of sound from the various three pieces.

    Think about these basic elements of a three-way speaker system when you’re looking around to build an upgrade of an existing original or factory-shipped speaker system to get the best sound out of the head unit in your vehicle.