• Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying a Bulldog Car Alarm

    A Bulldog car alarm is just the low-cost security system you have been looking for. Car thefts are on the rise in the United States. You hear of vehicles being stolen almost everyday. Without a proper car alarm, you’re going to be spending your precious sleep time playing watchman. Auto protection, is, thus, very important. Moreover, several car insurance companies offer discounts if you have a car alarm system installed in your vehicle.

    General Models

    • The Model 802 Alarm has a four-button remote and can be installed in a minute. Its alarm system is loud enough to wake up the entire neighborhood. A panic button and remote car finder makes it more useful. The dual stage shock sensor alerts you if anything or anyone (a high intensity object) comes near your car. You can also decrease the shock sensor’s sensitivity by a touch on the remote. Chirps on your remote alert you if someone is trying to get into the car. Moreover, you can silently arm/disarm the siren.
    • Model 2010 Alarm and Model 2030 Alarm are compact designs that fit all vehicles. With range up to 250 feet, this piercing alarm has a built in sensor, panic button and remote car finder, remote with slider so that you don’t press any key accidentally and dual stage shock sensor to sense high intensity intrusions. They take 10 minutes to install. Model 2030 Alarm goes a step further with the flashing LED, talking alarm and selectable voice or chirp for the remote.

    Advantages of a Bulldog Car Alarm

    The Bulldog Car Alarm DIY Security system is very basic. You can easily install the system on your own. You don’t have to pay a professional to set it up. Moreover, these systems are cost-friendly. They are perfect for someone wanting complete car security with less money. You can get a Bulldog car alarm for about $50. They are ideal anti-theft mechanisms for those who cannot afford expensive ones.

    Very Basic Systems

    The disadvantage is that as these are basic systems and lack upgraded features. The usage is very classic. They don’t rely on any instant paging or messaging facilities. Nor do they have the modern GPS-enabled tracking system.

    As Bulldog Securities is quite a known name, the quality brand is something you won’t have to worry about. Before you buy a Bulldog car alarm, check out online websites that give reviews about the company and its products. After you do that, it won’t be too hard to decide if you want to buy one or not.