• Understanding the Basics of 6.5-inch Car Speakers

    When choosing speakers for your car, there are a lot of variables to consider; speaker types, whether to amplify the signals and if so, what amplifiers to choose, etc. Whatever option you choose it is vital for the speakers to be installed correctly with quality connectors. Having a decent connection will result in a more quality sound and if the speakers are installed incorrectly, reproduced sound will be terrible—regardless of quality. If you’re uncertain as to what hole size is required for your speaker, try and locate a template for that specific speaker which may be found on the box that the speakers came in.

    What Are 6.5-inch Inch Speakers Used For?

    For those with compact vehicles looking for a crisp, quality sound, a 6.5-inch inch speaker is a popular and reasonable choice to make. While the 6.5-inch-inch speaker was not designed solely for low or high range, they’re able to compete with many speakers due to a wide mid-range. A lot of people think that in order to have a decent sound system, it requires large speakers in order to achieve this. This theory is often incorrect, and while an enthusiast may be able to create a nice sound by using a range of different speakers, the average person will be quite content using this medium sized, mid-range speaker.

    Can They Complement Other Speakers?

    A 6.5-inch inch speaker set can complement other speakers quite well, and they usually work very well in complete systems. While the 6.5-inch inch speaker is a reliable all-purpose speaker, it does pay to keep in mind that speakers can specialize in different productions of sound. Therefore, placement is important when incorporating these speakers into a system. A lot of people try to incorporate as many speakers as they can into their vehicle, but by doing this they sacrifice sound quality for nothing in particular. Using a small sound system that is installed and placed properly with adequate power will work far better than a poorly planned, larger set-up.

    Does Quality Count on Price?

    There is an extremely wide range of speakers available on the market today. A lot of enthusiasts usually stick to one brand in particular, but with competition what it is, most speaker manufacturers adhere to certain quality and specification guidelines. What really makes the difference in sound quality is the material used in the creation of these speakers, which is usually parallel to the price. A higher grade of material should produce clearer sound waves, resulting in better sound. Some people may frown upon spending large amounts on car audio, but a price tag can more often than not mean the difference between hearing the entire accompaniment of a song and merely “hearing” a song. Prices for speakers can rise to extremely large amounts, but it’s more than possible to achieve a decent sound on a budget. Just be sure to read reviews before purchasing cheaper speakers.

    Top 6.5-inch-inch Contenders

    Deciding which 6.5-inch-inch speakers are the best is a decision really left to the individual. Pioneer 6.5-inch speakers and Infinity 5.6 speakers are available, and can range in price from high to low. Based on highly regarded opinions, the top ranking contenders for quality of sound include companies such as MB Quart and JL Audio.

    Infinity, a part of the Harman Industries family of fine audio companies, offers 6.5-inch, two-way component speakers and are consistent favorites among high-end car makes and individuals. Simply put, the price-to-quality ratio cannot be beat for their Reference 6020CS.

    JBL is the standard in recording studios, movie theaters and concert halls and brings similar quality to car audio. Their JBL Power series is based on a larger 6-inch, 2-way component system. The stiff, yet lightweight 6.5-inch woofer delivers excellent low-end response and the edge-driven, textile dome tweeter is both adjustable in terms of gain and listening angle.

    Pioneer’s car audio has long been a top and most popular brand. Their 6.5-inch-inch A-Series component speakers offer the adjustable tweeters that are one of the benefits of component design.

    Used as a customized system including custom-made crossovers, Pyle has always represented excellent performance at really low price points. Pyle’s PLDV6K 6.5-inch-inch components offer high power capacity of 240 watts, yet retail for just $105 and $60 for the pair. Various Pyle component speakers, (probably older models), are available online for as low as $30.00.

    There are a wealth of great brand names that make 6.5-inch-inch car audio speakers, including CDT, Focal, MB Quartz, Boston Acoustics, JL Audio, and other European brands. If you’re looking to upgrade your factory-installed car audio system, your best course of action is to go to any audio store that has car audio systems on display, and play them to determine what you prefer in sonic performance.