• 6 Vs. 6.5 Car Speakers

    When trying to decide between 6” and 6.5” car speakers you should make sure to do your homework. There are plenty of different options for speakers you should consider. How much bass do you want? Are they going to keep their clarity when you put them at the volume you prefer?  

    6.5 inch

    This is one of the more popular sizes when it comes to speakers. Factory speakers are normally this size, so when looking to swap them out for more high quality, 6.5″ speakers are the way to go. When comparing prices, it seems that 6.5 inch are cheaper. Being a more popular size and less expensive, there seem to be less to choose from. Although they are much easier to find when searching. They make the switch from factory speakers a breeze. Once you’ve made your decision on size it all comes down to the brands. To help you find the best 6.5″ speakers for you, there may be some heavy research involved. In the end it will all be worth it once you’ve got your dream speakers installed.

    6 inch

    While they can be more expensive, there are far more to choose from and you can find 6″ speakers at reasonable prices as well. Depending on how much research you are willing to put forth to find the right speakers. Each size has its own pros and cons list but when looking into quality, a lot of it comes down to the type of brand you get. Several promise the same thing but few are able to deliver. When wanting to go past what your factory speakers can offer you there is plenty options for what suits you best. Whether you are looking for a ton of bass or a clear sound, no matter what volume you listen at, there is a name brand out there can fit your needs. It just takes some investigating to find out which will do what it promises for you.

    Pioneer Vs. Infinity

    The more popular brands include Pioneer and Infinity. Pioneer 6.5″ speakers start at a lower price but get much higher than Infinity 6.5″ speakers. They are rated basically the same, but it seems more people talk about Infinity. The similarities in the two speakers are quite strong. The RMS power range wattage is higher on the Infinity in general. The textile edge-driven dome tweeter is thicker with a Pioneer. Infinity has more options when looking for a shallow mount but when looking for 3 and 4-way speakers, Pioneer is the way to go. There a lot of different factors in choosing the right speakers for you, it’s just a matter of finding out what works best and what it is you are looking for in the perfect speakers. Hopefully this has gotten you started towards picking the perfect speakers for you to enjoy.