• 5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Car Stereo Equalizer

    A car stereo equalizer is a set of manually controlled filters and amplifiers which allows for the manual adjustment of different frequency levels in a vehicle’s stereo system. Having an equalizer can greatly improve the sound quality of your vehicle’s speakers, as it compensates for outside factors which would otherwise affect the quality. It can also be used to customize the levels to your liking, from deep, booming bass to high, clear treble. If you’d like the quality and personalization provided by a car stereo equalizer, take these 5 things into consideration before you buy.

    Consideration 1: Compatibility

    Stereo equalizers are most commonly located inside the dash and have a display there, but others are mounted in the trunk. Depending on the space available in your vehicle and the setup of the dash, there may be compatibility issues with certain styles of equalizers. A technician at an automobile service shop or a company which sells equalizers can likely answer any questions you may have concerning compatibility, and also provide recommendations for specific brands and models.

    Consideration 2: Ease of Use

    If you haven’t purchased or set up an equalizer before, you may have questions about how to properly use it. Many stereo equalizers, especially the graphic, dash-mounted versions, are quite easy to use and adjust to your liking. Others, though, require more than basic knowledge to configure. Equalizers with parametric processors should be used by those with a somewhat in-depth knowledge of their vehicle’s sound system.

    Consideration 3: Style

    It seems silly to upgrade your vehicle with anything you don’t find aesthetically pleasing, be it a steering wheel or a stereo equalizer. Since the display for car stereo equalizers is generally a prominent feature of the dash, choose one you enjoy looking at. You’ll be seeing a lot of it.

    Consideration 4: Price

    Price is a consideration no matter what you’re thinking of purchasing. Will any old equalizer do, or are you willing to spend extra money on a high quality piece? Car stereo equalizers are fairly inexpensive when compared to other upgrades for your vehicle, but some brands and models have price tags in the low hundreds. You can shop around online or locally to compare prices and choose an equalizer within your budget.

    Consideration 5: Quality

    After compatibility, quality is the most important consideration when choosing a car stereo equalizer. Some well-established brands which are known for their high quality products are Pioneer, Boss and Kenwood. As with compatibility, technicians or aftermarket parts companies can assist you in finding an equalizer that’s of good value for your money.

    Keep these 5 considerations in mind when searching for your car stereo equalizer and, with patience, you’ll be able to make a purchase you won’t regret.