• The Facts About JVC Speakers

    JVC stereo car speakers are considered by many to be the finest aftermarket speakers available for car audio systems. Since 1927, JVC has been a world leader manufacturing sophisticated audio products using superior, cutting edge technology to deliver high quality sound. An innovator in the field of consumer electronics, JVC is known the world over for quality and reliability.

    JVC currently offers speakers in two different series; the V5 and HX. JVC car speakers offer realistic sound and clarity to bring out the subtle details of music along with high power handling capabilities.

    With improved materials and a slimmer design, the JVC V5 series car speakers feature stylish coaxial and four-way speakers ranging in size from 4-inch to 6-inch by 4-inch options that feature aramid carbon fiber composite, olefin woofers. The slim design provides excellent sound quality and will fit into a variety of cars. They are a great upgrade to factory installed speakers and they provide excellent, long-lasting bass response coupled with eye-catching design.

    The highly responsive HX series car speakers from JVC offer coaxial speakers that range in size from 5.25 inches to 6-inch by 9-inches, with up to 80 watts RMS and 510 watts at peak depending on the model. HK series speakers are designed for the highest coaxial sound clarity and combine high-end performance with numerous mounting options for a range of cars. The black grill is removable and reveals the silver trim plate for a more aggressive, custom appearance. The HK series speakers deliver outstanding sound with better frequency response which delivers flatter overall response. The four-way design gives a better spread of frequencies adding more high frequencies and extending the bass response. Additionally, the metal Olefin woofer cones provide better strength and improved sound quality.

    Aside from the aramid carbon fiber composite olefin woofer, the rolled butyl rubber edge surround produces precise bass reproduction. The strontium magnets create high driving power for greater sound dynamics, while the poly-ether imide dome tweeter provides balanced highs. It’s slim and shallow design allows for more mounting options and you can use an online fit guide to choose the right speaker. Self-installation can save you a lot of money and can be quite enjoyable.

    For the best in aftermarket car speakers JVC offers some of the finest available. Ease of installation and exceptional sound quality make JVC car speakers the first choice for many audio system enthusiasts. For more information about JVC car speakers and audio systems visit their website JVC Mobile.

    With great value for the price and easy installation, JVC car speakers have become well known and offer a great option for those looking to replace or upgrade current car audio systems.