• 5 Car Radio Wiring Tips for Making Sure You Install It Correctly

    If you have decided to install a new stereo to your car, car radio wiring should be done properly. Otherwise, you might compromise the proper operation of your new stereo system and the electrical function of your car. Here are some tips for making sure you have installed the car stereo wiring correctly.

    Get Proper Information: Before starting with the installation you need to make sure you have all the necessary pieces of information. Read how you can remove the panels and dash in order to install the car speaker wire system and the subwoofer. You can either buy a proper manual or use the installation guide of the speakers and stereo system.

    Have All Needed Tools With You: Before starting with the installation, make sure you have all the needed tools with you, such as wire strippers, cutters, pliers, a test light, a voltmeter and anything else needed.

    Get the Car’s Diagram: Having a wiring diagram of your car is necessary, because you can avoid possible mistakes that will damage the electrical features of your car.

    Use the Next Size of Wires than Recommended: This might sound weird, but it is an inside tip that professionals always follow. You should use one size larger than recommended, because usually you will need to make some adjustments and strip the wires, so you need to make sure that they are little large.

    Corrosion Proof Connection: Avoid leaving the wires exposed to heat and the mechanical parts of the car. Using a corrosion proof connection can protect the wires.