• 5 1/4 Inch Car Speakers Vs. 5" Car Speakers

    5 ¼” car speakers are for the most part pretty similar to 5″ car speakers. There are however a few different factors to consider when you are comparing the two. Most car speakers are 5″ in the front and 5 ¼” in the back with factory car speakers.

    Speaker Wattage

    You may be able to tell the difference between the 5″ and 5 ¼” speakers in regards to wattage. Wattage consists of an output, which is simply a combination of both amperes and volts. These are from an audio receiver or a power amplifier. This is carried through the wires all the way to the speaker input terminals. The actual benefit of having a higher wattage amplifier has nothing to do with having a bigger volume. It’s actually capable of dealing with higher levels of sound with a lot less distortion. In some cases, none at all.

    Speaker Brands

    There are several different brands of speakers to choose from. You are going to find that some have a better selection and/or prices than others. Be sure to shop around before you make any decisions on what brand you end up going with. Boston acoustics car speakers are a well known brand that offer fair prices and a great selection. The same goes with Kicker car speakers. These brands are popular among the speaker community and can provide you with a large selection of all different sizes and quality speakers.

    You should look for at least two to three different speaker brands before you decide on one. Car stereo speakers are an important purchase and can cost a lot of money. You want to make sure you are getting some you are 100% satisfied with. When you begin to shop for car audio you should wait to speak to a salesman until you are prepared with the right questions. If possible, have them hook the speakers up to a stereo that is similar to yours. Bring your own music to listen to so you will get a good idea of what it is going to sound like.

    Speaker Comparison

    While when it comes to quality, you will find that the 5″ speakers are basically the same as the 5 ¼” speakers. That being said you will also find there are several more 5 ¼” speakers to choose from. They offer a greater selection as well as a better price. This goes with most speaker brands out there. While there are 5″ speakers out there, you will not be able to have as wide of a selection and you will probably be paying a little more for them.

    Because there is very little difference in these speakers, you may want to keep this in mind when you begin to shop around. There are several brands and types of speakers to look at and you may find the kind that suits you best is a 5″. The quality is basically the same as the 5 ¼”.