• 4 Popular Car Radio Plug Accessories for Stereo Attachments

    A car radio plug can be quite versatile. There are several accessories that many people enjoy on a daily basis. Here are just a few of the most common stereo attachments for use in a car.

    Docking Stations

    A docking station is commonly used for cell phones and mp3 players. These are common for older stereos that don’t have mp3 hook ups already. With a simple car stereo adapter, you can play your mp3s directly on your stereo. A cell phone docking station will allow you to charge your phone and access any mp3s that may be stored within.

    Hands Free Phone Attachments

    Another popular plug in is the hands free phone attachment. All you need for this is a simple cable and you can experience car stereo connectivity for your phone. This makes driving safer, allowing you to hear conversations directly from your stereo speakers.


    While it’s not legal in most states to drive while wearing headphones, this is still a popular accessory. Headphones will allow passengers to listen to something else, or enjoy watching a video through the stereo audio/video system without distracting the driver. Many newer cars will already have headphone jacks in the backseat, but they can be added easily if they are not already present.

    Remote Control Systems

    If your stereo isn’t equipped with a wireless remote system, you can purchase a plug in that will allow you to use a remote control. This is popular for stereo systems with disc changers found in the back seat or in the trunk.