• 4 Facts About Bluetooth Car Speakers

    Bluetooth car speakers are the most recent advancement in the development of safe and legal communication technology for your car. A Bluetooth FM transmitter allows you to connect your mobile phone or PDA directly into your car audio system, to give you a wireless and hands-free way to take and make calls while you’re behind the wheel. Before you rush out to add Bluetooth car speakers to your car audio system, here are 4 facts you need to know to help you make the right decision about your driving safety.

    1.    How Do Bluetooth Car Speakers Work

    Bluetooth is a wireless technology in which a Bluetooth FM transmitter in your car stereo will detect your mobile phone or communication device as soon as you get into the car. The incoming audio of your calls is then transmitted through your Bluetooth car speakers, and a microphone is mounted in a convenient position inside your vehicle to allow voice activation for making and accepting phone calls while driving. Bluetooth car speakers can also allow you to control your car stereo systems with voice commands so you can choose a station or select a CD in your stacker without taking your hands off the wheel.

    2.    Facts About Blueant Supertooth Bluetooth

    The Blueant Supertooth Bluetooth car speaker system has complete voice recognition and control functions. Voice commands can have the Blueant Supertooth system dial, redial, accept and reject phone calls as it synchronizes with your mobile phone address book to announce the name of the incoming caller. The installation of the Blueant Supertooth Bluetooth system is as quick and easy as its voice commands, as the Bluetooth car speakers simply clip onto your sun visor, and are ready for use. Everyday use of the Blueant Supertooth Bluetooth car speakers is also very user friendly as the system will automatically adjust to minimize echoes and any internal or external vehicle noise.
    Website: http://www.myblueant.com/s3_compatibility.htm

    3.    Facts About Motorola Bluetooth Car Speakers

    Motorola was the first audio brand to release a car radio system and the company’s Bluetooth car speaker systems remain at the forefront of car audio technology. The Motorola Bluetooth system is a modern design which connects directly to your car stereo system via a 3.5 mm stereo port. This means there is no need for a Bluetooth FM transmitter, a charger or additional speakers. While the Motorola Bluetooth system does need to be professionally installed, once it’s in you’ll have one of the most unobtrusive Bluetooth car speaker systems available, with all of the voice activation and stereo controls you need to keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.

    4.    Facts About Jabra Bluetooth Car Speakers

    Jabra Bluetooth car speakers are simply installed by clipping the system to your sun visor. Jabra Bluetooth systems use a Bluetooth FM transmitter to connect to your car’s audio system to allow you to give you voice controls over your incoming and outgoing calls. Since the Jabra Bluetooth system isn’t wired into your car’s stereo system, it has an automatic battery saving function which turns the system off when not in use. To ensure the Jabra Bluetooth car speaker system is as unobtrusive as possible at all times, it also has a night time, or low light, function which turns off all indicator lights to avoid distractions.
    Website: http://www.jabra.com

    Bluetooth car speakers are not only an investment in the latest technology for your car audio system and mobile phone. Now that you have the facts about Bluetooth car speakers you can ensure your use of your car stereo and mobile phone is as safe as possible for you, your passengers and other road users.