• What is Two-Way Speaker?

    A two-way car speaker is the cheapest car audio component for a speaker system. But what does this mean? A two-way car speaker, also known as a coaxial speaker, is one that has a woofer and a tweeter. That means that it can handle low end and high frequency sound at the same time.

    If you want to put new speakers in your car with a minimal amount of fuss, you will most likely be looking to get two-way car speakers.

    Easy To Install

    Since two-way speakers are the most common type found in automobiles, their installation is normally easy. If you are not pleased with the type of sound you’re getting from your factory coaxial car speakers, you can buy some better coaxial speakers of the same size and enjoy improved sound. Since you’ll be replacing two-way speakers with two-way speakers, the installation process should be relatively smooth.

    Easy To Calibrate

    Some types of speaker systems may include component speakers, which use different components to produce different frequencies of sound. Since these components are placed separately in a vehicle, their calibration can sometimes become tedious and troubling, as different sounds will be coming from different areas. Two-way car stereo speakers, on the other hand, produce all sound from the same origin. Since sounds of varying frequencies will be coming from the same place, coaxial speakers are generally easy to calibrate.

    Generally Cheaper

    You can make the audio in your vehicle sound quite good without spending a lot of money on three-way, four-way, or even five-way speakers. Two-way speakers are generally cheaper than three-way speakers of similar quality. So, if you want good sound for less, two-way speakers are the way to go

    Quality Matters

    Just because you can get two-way speakers for less than comparable other multi-component speakers does not mean that any two-way speaker will sound great. Always search for quality speakers from reputable manufacturers, such as Infinity car speakers or Kicker car speakers. Get speakers that sound great, work well with your receiver or amplifier, and fit into the speaker bays in your car.

    Deciding how to go about replacing or upgrading your car’s speakers can sometimes be a confusing, difficult and expensive process. Knowing the facts about different types of speakers will help you to put together a quality audio system in your vehicle.