• How To Properly Perform a Car Alarm Installation

    Depending on the car alarm brand, there are different ways to install some of the features of one but the installation of the car alarm itself is the same. Some car alarms have unique, cutting-edge technology when it comes to car safety such as the keyless entry feature and the quick start. Even if these features are present in the alarm that you have purchased, you can still follow these easy steps.

    Plan Car Alarm Installation

    The first thing you need to do for a successful car alarm installation is to get specific knowledge requirements, such as polarity testing, wiring system and reference diagrams, etc. After you have gathered all the needed info, begin studying the reference diagram and decide on which feature you want to install in your car, such as keyless entry, quick start, etc. After figuring out what to install, inspect your vehicle before you begin. Make sure that the door trigger lights when it is opened for the car alarm.

    Remove the Panels

    It is now time for your car alarm installation. The first thing you need to do is refer to the wiring diagram the alarm has provided to identify which panels to remove. You need to figure out the tools required to remove the panels specified in the manual. When removing the panels and bringing out the wires, make sure that you mark all the screws and clips so that you will remember where they go when you put them back in later.

    Wire Your Car

    Before you start wiring, you should test the polarity of the wires for your own safety. Once you have removed the panels and have studied where the wires go, begin wiring relays. Connect the wires to their proper places as shown on the wiring diagram provided. There are a lot of ways to connect them but you should choose thesafest set up and make sure the connection is free from any tension. Choose a good location to mount the module. It is highly recommended that you place your it where it is not visible from the outside.

    Wire the Siren

    After you have finished wiring your vehicle and mounting your module, finalize it and set up the siren. Car alarms have two wires–the positive and negative siren outputs. Connect both the positive and negative wires accordingly. and place the siren in the firewall. Make sure it is facing down so that the sound of the siren bounces on the ground; this also prevents water infiltration.

    After you have successfully completed all the instructions, your car alarm installation is complete. Make sure to test for any problems.