• 3 Types of Subwoofer Enclosures for Getting the Best Bass Response

    Subwoofer enclosures will not only vary by size but by application as well. Understand the fact that an efficient sound system will have to be calculated specifically to the type of low frequency application the sound system is designed for. Subwoofer enclosure performance will depend on the type of system installed and the intended application.

    Sealed Subwoofer Enclosures

    A sealed subwoofer box is an airtight enclosure meant to produce deep and precise low frequency response. This type of enclosure is ideal for music applications that demand a flat response and deep bass extension. Remember that a sealed subwoofer enclosure may require more power than a similar ported design. Ample wattage is then demanded from the amplifier to make the most out of the set up.

    Bandpass Subwoofer Enclosures

    Rap music fanatics will have much to rejoice with a bandpass subwoofer box. This ported design enables the subwoofer to be mounted inside a box with two chambers (a combination of a sealed and ported subwoofer enclosure) designed to produce a booming sound that is fit for any party atmosphere. 

    Ported Subwoofer Enclosures

    Ported subwoofer boxes utilize some sort of vent or port to reinforce and maximize low frequency response in the sound system set up. This type of enclosure is most preferred by people who like rock and driving music as it offers more power output at a given amp wattage.

    Remember that the type of subwoofer enclosure will depend on the kind of installation and sound that you prefer. Consult an audio professional to determine the types of subs and amplifier to use when choosing a subwoofer box.