• 3 Types of Car Subwoofer Speakers

    Car subwoofer speakers are a type of speaker that drastically add to the sound and quality of a car audio system. Usually, car subwoofers come in sizes ranging from 6″ to 15″ that fit in different sized enclosures. Depending on the amount of bass and power you want to get from your car audio system, there are plenty of subwoofer options to choose from. If you are in the market for a subwoofer, you’ll want to have a good idea of the different types available. Here are 3 types of well-known subwoofers on the market today:

    Bass Tubes:

    Bass Tubes are a type of subwoofer where there is a subwoofer enclosed in a tube. This type of subwoofer allows for users to add bass to their system while saving space in the vehicle. This option won’t deliver an incredibly loud or high-quality sound, but it is a quick and easy upgrade to add bass to any car audio system. Some well-known bass tubes are made from Bazooka and Pyle. Bazooka offers bass tubes with subwoofers ranging from 6″ to 12″ in different stages of power. Pyle offers bass tubes ranging from 8″ to 12″ that can handle up to 800 watts of power for a great, easy upgrade.

    Self-Amplified Bass Solutions:

    A Self-Amplified Bass Solution is a type of subwoofer built into an enclosure that is powered by an in-line amplifier. This type of subwoofer is also good for a quick and easy upgrade that allows for the user to save the maximum amount of space in their vehicle. This, like the bass tube, won’t offer an incredibly powerful sound, but it does allow for added bass production while saving space. One highly rated all-in-one bass solution is the Infinity BassLink series of subwoofer. Infinity invented this solution with a 10″ self-powered, 200 watt subwoofer to save space while adding good sounding bass. It is now available in several sizes to fit into virtually any vehicle.

    Standard Subwoofer Speakers:

    Subwoofers are also made individually, without any type of enclosure, to satisfy the needs of any audio enthusiast. Car subwoofers usually come in sizes ranging from 6″ to 15″ and all different shapes and power handling capabilities. Some of the most well-known, powerful, and high-quality subwoofers today are made by companies such as JL Audio, MTX, Alpine and Kicker. JL Audio offers the W3, W6 and W7 subwoofers that have been some of the best performing, high-quality subwoofers on the market. MTX offers square subwoofers such as the Thunder Square and round subwoofers such as the Thunder 8500, 9500 and Jackhammer to satisfy those who want the most power possible out of their subwoofers. Alpine offers high-quality subwoofers such as the Type-S, Type-R and Type-X models to deliver very loud and highly detailed bass notes. Kicker car audio is known for their high-performance Solo-baric series square subwoofers that deliver incredible bass output. Separate subwoofers such as these require you to make or purchase an enclosure, but typically deliver higher quality sound and output levels.

    If you’re in the market to purchase a car subwoofer, there are plenty of options. Instead of overwhelming yourself, start by taking a look at these various types and models.