• 3 Portable In Car Bluetooth Kits to Consider

    An in car bluetooth system will provide you with a much safer way to have short conversations while driving. While many newer radio models will include bluetooth capabilities, not all radios have this option. For those with older stereo systems, a portable bluetooth set may be the answer. Here are 3 of the most common options, and why you should consider them.

    Wireless Speaker Systems

    The portable bluetooth sets such as the Advantek Bluetooth Speaker System is a great option for those who don’t want to use a headset. The wireless speakers won’t require a dedicated radio channel, as the conversation is broadcast over the individual speaker. These systems can be used in a car, or on a desk. 

    Speakerphone Kits

    Another popular option is the speakerphone bluetooth option. Many companies now make kits that can connect to your existing stereo and broadcast the communication through the stereo’s speakers. Even if your radio isn’t bluetooth ready, you can find kits that will overcome this. These work by transmitting the signal through a modulator to a specifically tuned station, and a special microphone will pick up your voice.


    The Bluetooth earpiece remains the most popular option for Bluetooth connectivity. As long as your phone is in close proximity, you can talk using only the earpiece. Many headsets will allow you to press a button to answer and end calls, and others use voice recognition technology to make calls and end calls. The microphones are placed on the earpiece, and are sensitive enough to pick up the sound of your voice without picking up a lot of background noise.