• 3 Bluetooth Car Speakers Systems for Iphones and Ipods

    The easiest way to blend your iPhone and iPod to your car is through Bluetooth car speakers. There are several different brands out there, but Parrot has two of the best.

    1. Parrot RKi840: It provides quality sound. This Bluetooth car speaker system can be used for both an iPod and an iPhone. It has a huge amplifier that most speakers its size don’t. This device completely blends in with the car’s speaker system, which gives it a surround sound effect. To add a fun feature, the Parrot RKi840 has built-in sound effects that can go along with any of your favorite songs. The Parrot also gives immediate access to all your favorite sounds, with easy navigation through the menus. It also has a full color screen to view any videos or pictures you save on your devices.
    2. Parrot CK 3200: This bright-colored display houses many wallpapers and photos with its SD storage capability. It has a voice recognition that allows you to verbally dial a number by simply speaking the contact’s name. Not only that, but this iPhone Bluetooth system also shows you the person’s picture, so you can ensure that it’s calling the right person without having to look at your phone. The Parrot CK 3200 becomes your hands-free photo album, address book, calendar, iPod and radio.
    3. Alpine DCS-BT1: This Bluetooth system can fit perfectly over your visor. It has an easy one-touch button for operation. When you receive a phone call, all you have to do is hit the buttons and you are officially hands-free. When you’re done, you hit the same button and close out the conversation.

    Parrot recognizes the need to be able to communicate with your loved ones while driving, but still be safe. These devices are some of the best Bluetooth car speakers for the iPhone and iPod hands-free world.