• 3 Advantages that Car Radio mp3 Players Give You

    A car radio mp3 player has many advantages. With the advancements in technology, you no longer have to be confined to only local radio stations, and no longer have to carry around tons of CD’s to hear the music you want. Some mp3 players are smaller than a credit card, and can be easily stored in a purse or glove box. If you are considering adding a new car stereo to your vehicle, here are a few reasons you should consider an mp3 compatible one.

    Additional Space

    An average CD will only have enough space to code around 20 songs. For longer songs, this number will decrease. An mp3 player on the other hand can hold much more than this. Even a small 2 gigabyte mp3 player can hold an average of 500 songs, and the larger 60 gigabyte mp3 players can hold as many as 20,000 songs. You would need 25 CD’s for 2 gigs worth of music. It’s much easier to carry around an mp3 player than it would be to cart around a case full of CD’s.

    Easy Installation

    Most newer car stereos are equipped to hook up an mp3 player easily. It’s only a matter of adding an additional cable that can be hooked up to the mp3 player. If you are having the stereo installed professionally, this will be done at the same time the stereo is installed. You can also hook up the cable on your own. You can find car stereo iPod cables at any audio speciality store, and most electronic stores.

    Hands Free Phones

    The newest models of cell phones include mp3 players. Choosing a stereo that is bluetooth enabled will allow you to use your car stereo iPod connection as a hands free phone device. The signal from the phone is broadcast over the stereo, allowing you to have full conversations without taking your hands off the wheel.