• 10 Car Speakers vs. 12 Car Speakers

    When looking to increase your car audio system’s bass abilities, you should look at adding 10″ car speakers or 12″ car speakers. These speakers are usually called woofers or subwoofers. Woofers and subwoofers are designed to reproduce the low frequencies of the sound spectrum. These frequencies range from about 100Hz down to 20Hz. Companies such as Kicker, Pyramid and Pyle specialize in 10″ car speakers and 12″ car speakers. They use many different types of materials which can influence the sound characteristics.

    So which is better, 10″ car speakers or 12″ car speakers? The key to that question can be found by examining the job of a speaker. A speaker’s job is to move air. How fast it moves the air will determine the frequency of the sound. In order to reproduce very low frequencies, woofers and subwoofers must be able to move large amounts of air. This is why woofers and subwoofers are so large. If you have plenty of space and want wall shaking high quality bass, then 12″ speakers would be best. If you are limited on space, 10″ car speakers might be a better choice.

    10″ speakers and 12″ speakers both produce rich bass, but the  12″ speakers will be capable of producing a much lower frequency response given the same amount of power. Be sure to use only quality speakers for your installation. Using substandard speakers will have a huge affect on your sound quality. Be sure to test your speakers before you buy them. That way you know what you are getting and whether or not it will meet your needs.