• Where to Send Your Traffic School Certificate of Completion

    If you have completed a driving course and received a traffic school certificate, then you’ll need to know where to send the document to right agency or organization. Whether you have attended a court approved traffic school to help with a speeding ticket or simply to help lower your car insurance bill, you need to make sure the certificate gets to the right people in order to achieve your goals.

    Satisfying a Court Ordered Obligation

    If you attended the course in order to help get rid of a speeding ticket, or perhaps were ordered to do so by the court, you need to make sure that the Clerk of Court for the appropriate judge, magistrate or court district gets the certificate of completion.

    In most cases, that Clerk of Court will give you a document that has you where you need to mail your certificate or provide information on how to deliver these certificate to the clerk’s office in person (Note – they will usually do this at the time the Judge orders you to attend the school). In fact, if you were ordered by the court to attend the school, it is usually a good idea to deliver the certificate in person to make sure that there are no delays or problems in satisfying your court obligation.

    Getting Lower Insurance Premiums

    If you wish to use your traffic school certificate to get lower insurance rates, simply call your local agent and ask him/her for the correct address of the department where it needs to be mailed. Alternatively, you may be able to drop a copy off by the agent’s office and have him/her submit it for you. Either way, your insurance agent will usually be the best source for information on submitting your certificate of completion.