• What Are Advanced Driving Lessons

    The definition of advanced driving is the ability to control the position and speed of a vehicle safely and smoothly, at all times. Advanced driving lessons are based on car control and the ability to stop safely in the distance provided. First developed in Britain in 1935 and known as the Roadcraft “System of Car Control” it was taught to the police to reduce crashes by officers while on the way to accidents.

    ADA – Advanced Drivers of America

    Thanks to the Advanced Drivers of America, drivers in Canada and the U.S.A can take advanced driving lessons. Not only are advanced driving lessons available for police and emergency personal, they are also available to the general public as a way of helping to prepare drivers for any type of road hazards. Referred by some as high performance driving these lessons are also given to race car drivers to help them learn enhanced evasion techniques. Anyone who has passed a state driving test is eligible to learn advanced driving. For information on courses in your area contact the ADA or if you have high school students check with their driving instructor.

    Advanced Driving Courses

    The advanced driving courses come based on a system of car control when presented with any hazardous condition. A hazardous condition is anything that causes you to change your course or speed. The most reputable organization that offers these courses is the Advanced Drivers of America. Formed in 1955, which is the same year the IAMthe Institute of Advanced Motorist, the ADA is the only place you may get advanced driving courses here in the U.S. or Canada.

    Currently the only states offering ADA’s advanced driving course are Texas and New York. There are five levels of qualification given and are called “world,” “platinum,” “gold,” “silver,” and “bronze.”

    Some of the courses target new drivers and include collision avoidance maneuvers and both classroom and hands-on training on a skid pad. All courses include safety practices, steering, brake, defensive driving, hazardous driving, and eye management. Emphasis on vehicle control, psychological and physiological effects experienced during an emergency.

    Instructor Tuition

    It will depend on the driving instructor and type of driving tuition you take as to how successful your advanced driving lessons will be. You can arrange tuition through the driving school you choose or get a loan from friends or family. The advantage of paying a licensed instructor is having dual control cars, guidance, the experience of the instructor, and his or her ability to spot weaknesses for you need improvement. Whichever method works best for you and that you can afford is what you should do.

    Defensive driving courses are one of the best things you can do to increase one’s safety while driving a car. Taking an advanced driving course will also give you a discount with some insurance companies because it shows them you are a responsible driver and concerned with the safety of yourself and your loved ones.