• Used Car Rental: Disadvantages of Renting a Used Car

    Although a used car rental can save you money over renting a new car, there are some disadvantages that you may face by renting a used car. Whether you choose to book your rental via Priceline or by contacting a used car rental company directly, you may not save as much money as expected by going with a used car rental. This guide highlights some common disadvantages of renting a used car:

    1. Fewer Discounts: New car rental companies are constantly offering discounts for employees of certain companies and individuals who live in certain areas. With a new car rental, you may get a discount just for using a certain type of credit card or placing your reservation online. Used car rentals rarely offer such a breadth of discounts, so while you may plan to save money by renting used, your total cost could be higher than going with a newer car.
    2. Vehicle Problems: It’s no secret that rental cars can be in pretty rough shape. In fact, new car rental agencies replace almost all of their fleet on an annual basis. In turn, the prospect of renting a several year old vehicle could be terrifying if you plan to drive it a long distance. While new rental cars are maintained meticulously, their used car counterparts may not be maintained as well.
    3. Less Flexibility: There are less used car rental agencies than new car rental agencies. You may have a difficult time finding a location near your airport or hotel, and the selection of vehicles could be less-than-impressive. There may also be restrictions on when you can pick up and drop off the vehicle.

    In the end, while a used car rental may save you some money, the variety of discounts and coupons available on new car rentals could save you even more. Just be sure to shop around and get the best rate possible.