• Average Weekly Cost of a Budget Rental Car

    Budget rental car is a nationwide car rental company that can help get you on the road, and the following guide will show you the average weekly cost of a Budget car rental.  

    The best place to start is at Budget, although you can find special deals from time to time with websites such as Expedia or ORBITZ. The real changes in price come from the type of vehicle you rent, such as a minivan or compact car and what city you rent the car in. Other factors affecting the price of your rental come from things like local and state sales tax ,and add-ons and amenities you can add to the overall price of the base rental.    

    For the purposes of this guide, the breakdown will be with three different cars in three different cities, giving you a nice cross section of vehicles and cities to help you know what to expect. For car types, they are a compact car, like a Toyota Yaris; a standard car, like a Ford Fusion; and an SUV such as a Chevy Trailblazer in the cities of New York, Miami and Los Angeles.

    To start in New York, for a week in a compact car, expect to pay about $200. A standard car goes for about $200 a week and an SUV goes for $500 weekly. Head to Miami and things get a little cheaper with a compact car running you about $100 a week. A standard size car goes for about $150 a week and an SUV tops out at about $450 a week.  

    Next, comes Los Angeles. Here is where things change dramatically. For Los Angeles and the state of California in general, prices go up significantly and flip from what you’ve seen before. A week in an SUV starts at $700. A compact car goes for $750 a week, and a standard size car tops out at $800 weekly.

    Now aside from the great state of California, you can see that most states and cities have very similar pricing. Another thing to keep in mind is these are base prices which don’t include state sales tax, add-ons or surcharges, and are subject to change. Since add-ons and sales tax change from state to state,take your state sales tax and what extra amenities you want to purchase and add it to the base price above. Another factor is the mpg the vehicle gets.  Meaning a big SUV is going to run you a little higher than a compact car.   

    So the next time your thinking about renting a car for a week, whether for fun or instead of an outright auto purchase, with this guide in hand you’ll easily be able to figure out just how much a weekly rental from Budget car rental can cost you.