• Average Weekly Cost of a Avis Rental Car

    Avis is one of the top car rental agencies in the country and below is compiled the average weekly cost of an Avis rental car. Whether renting for vacation or instead of an outright auto purchase, a lot goes into the choices behind renting a car. One of the big factors obviously being price, and that price is affected by a range of different factors. Those factors range from the type of car to the state in which it is rented. The price is also affected by add-ons such as sales tax and surcharges and any extra amenities or services you wish to add.

    For starters, the price of renting a car varies depending on which state you rent the car in and upon which vehicle you decide to rent. So to sort everything out and give you a good cross section of prices, the following list is broken down into; full-size car, minivan and SUV in Miami, Chicago, New York and Los Angeles.

    Now, you can find help renting a car with websites such as Expedia or ORBITZ. Generally though the price is going to stay relatively the same as if you went straight to the source, and that source is Avis.

    To start the list, is New York City. The base price for a full-size car, something similar to a Chevy Impala, will run about $200 a week. A minivan, such as a Dodge Caravan, running about $500 a week and a standard SUV, (think Chevy Trailblazer), runs about $600 a week.  

    Next, comes Miami and the price doesn’t change all that much. A full-size car starts at $175, a minivan goes up to $400, and an SUV tops out at about $520 a week. After Miami comes Chicago. Again, the price really doesn’t change all that much. A full-size car comes to $170, a minivan is $420, and the only real change so far comes for the SUV, which drops down to $200 a week.  

    Last but not least, is Los Angeles, California. Now Los Angeles and the state of California as a whole is where everything changes. The prices all jump up significantly with a full-size car starting at $700, a minivan going for $900 and an SUV topping out at $1000 for the week.  That jump is due in part to emission and state taxes. 

    Now, keep in mind all these prices are subject to local sales tax and any additional features, such as extended insurance or ski racks. They are also always subject to change for availability reasons and specials Avis may be running. Depending on the type of vehicle, the average mpg or, how much you spend in gas, is going to affect the price as well. Though, if you’re planning on renting a car and using Avis, this guide will help you determine the average weekly cost of an Avis car rental.